Rob Benzon/Dan Ferbal Foundation has again answered the call to assist with the costs of the
annual Scott Carlson/Dan Ferbal Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The dinner was held this
year at the San Diego LGBTQ Community Center on Thanksgiving Day.

This tradition began in 1988 when Scott Carlson hosted a Thanksgiving Celebration for
HIV/AIDS patients. In 2020, In remembrance, our founding board member and past president,
Dan Ferbal’s name was added to the title of this annual event, and the tradition of giving
continues to provide a hot Thanksgiving meal for those in need in our community.

The dinner now includes people with cancer and other ailments, homeless people, and anyone
needing a safe and inviting place to come together as a community on this holiday. More than
600 individuals benefited this year from the 2023 Thanksgiving feast.

Grant awarded in November 2023