Moises A.

Last August San Diego student Moises lost four fingers when they were severed by a rope during an accident while visiting Mexico. He was lifeflighted back home to San Diego for a 19 hour emergency surgery that consisted of attempting to reconnect nerves, tendons, bones, and veins to the four fingers that he had lost. On the seventh day after the first surgery, Moises woke up with three unresponsive lifeless black fingers. They had failed on him due to a lack of blood flow and any remaining hope of recovering his fingers was now gone. Since then, Moises has turned his hope to modern medicine. He is raising funds to be outfitted for a prosthetic that will work from the nerves in his palms to move the artificial fingers. Rob Benzon Foundation is helping Moises reach his goal by this summer. Moises says the first thing he wants to do with his new prosthetic is shake hands with the 1st surgeon who spent 19 hours trying to save his fingers.
Grant Pledged March 2013