Jose A. Family

Tragedy struck a local family when 21 year Jose was killed in car accident just a day after finishing his college summer school class. Jose and a co-worker were driving in separate vehicles; Jose was following his co-worker. As they were driving, the co-worker swerved to miss a coyote that was in the road which caused his vehicle to roll over. Jose swerved to avoid hitting his co-worker and lost control of his car. As Jose’s vehicle was spinning, the rear portion of Jose’s vehicle collided with the front end of an oncoming Ford F-150 pickup truck. Jose’s family has very limited means and was struggling with how to pay for the funeral and burial costs while also dealing with their unimaginable grief. Friends of the family covered the burial expenses and RBF paid for the head stone that marks Jose’s final resting place.
Donation made in August 2010