Heidi is an elderly woman that has been living with HIV for over 20 years and is now struggling with dementia.  Earlier this year, Heidi was approached by a salesperson at a trolley stop that convinced her to sign up for a free “Obamaphone”.  Heidi signed up, but did not realize that the new phone contract would cancel her Lifeline with AT&T (a special reduced phone service for the elderly on a limited budget).  Over the next few months, the phone charges for the new service began to accumulate and since she did not have the income to support the huge phone bill, her phone was service was cut off.  Heidi desperately needed to have her phone service reinstated, since she was missing important messages and reminders for her care from her doctors and caregivers.  The Foundation paid for the past due amount of her phone bill which allowed her to have her original discounted service reinstated. 

Grant made in December 2017