Felicitas G.

Rob Benzon Foundation was able to give 72 year Felicitas and her family comfort and relief in her final months of life. Felicitas has a terminal diagnosis of respatory failure, a history of stroke, heart problems, and renal failure. She was a pre-school teacher for most of her life and her husband was a maintenance man. Felicitas could not afford the breathing machine that would give her comfort and help her sleep through the night. RBF stepped in and quickly covered the cost of the machine to get Felicitas immediate help. Felicitas died peacefully a few months later. Her lovely family was struggling with how to cover her medical bills. With the help of her amazing social worker who negotiated the bill down, Rob Benzon Foundation was able to help the family so they were left with memories of Felicitas and not medical bills.
Grant made January 2014