The Rob Benzon / Dan Ferbal Foundation (RBDFF) is proud to have awarded two scholarships through the annual PFLAG Scholarship Awards to two deserving LGBTQ students pursuing higher education.

The Rob Benzon Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to Sada C.

Sada is planning to study psychology as an incoming freshman at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the fall of 2024. She plans to research alternative therapies for treatment-resistant mental illness while also promoting queer liberty on campus. Sada is humbled to receive this scholarship from the Rob Benzon/Dan Ferbal Foundation and is grateful for the educational opportunity.


Grant awarded in June 2024

Daniel J. Ferbal Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to Hisami O.

Hisami is a graduating senior at High Tech high Media Arts, planning to study legal and environmental studies at Williams College in the fall. She is a strong advocate for intersectional causes and believes more democratized higher education to be a focal component of increasing gender equity. She is so grateful to be receiving this scholarship!


Grant awarded in June 2024